Nina Behrendt

"Farbe ist immer hunderprozentig Farbe." (Marshall McLuhan)
(Studentin der Kunst- und Medienwissenschaft;
Gast der Filmklasse im WS2011/12 und SS2012)


Julia Mari Bernaus

Verstehen, der Verlust und der Gewinn der Bedeutung durch den komplizierte Weg der Sprachen.
(Gast der Filmklasse WS2008/09 und SS2009)


Laurie Charles

Make some little theater of absurdity, to make video like a symphony.
(Gast der Filmklasse SS2009)


Litao Chen

All for one, one for all
(Austauschstudent Chongqing, China, WS2010/11)


Yizhong Chen

Change an angel to see, to think, to challenge the things around you, the world always new.
(Austauschstudent Chongqing, China, WS2011/12)


Hua Cheng

Ich möchte warme Tage, Ich möchte warm Seele.
(Austauschstudent Chongqing, China, WS2010/11)


Joaquine Figueroa

Humans are the weirdest creatures on earth however they don't see things that doesn't have to do with them so they just pass greatness by: narrowing their reality. My job is to tear that reality to pieces and show the infinite possibilities of rebuilding it. My work starts with an idea and develops to the medium that's going to contain it so I don't restraint myself to just one side of anything.
(Austauschstudentin La Esmeralda, Mexiko; Gast der Filmklasse im WS2016/17 und SS17)


Arne Fischer

... Und jetzt die Theorie mal ausprobieren.
(Student der Medienwissenschaft; Gast der Filmklasse im WS2012/13)


Rémi Groussin

A work who turn around the everyday life. A game of absurds actions. The kitchen or the shower? The house or the garden? What I can make to make my life less boring?
(Gast der Filmklasse SS2009)


Shin Haesu

keep swimming and making
(Austauschstudentin National University of Arts, Korea, WS2015/16)


Valentina Jager

(Gast der Filmklasse WS2008/09 bis SS2009)


Geeske Janßen

Poesie und Pornografie. Gegensätze ziehen mich an.
(Studentin Darstellendes Spiel; Gast der Filmklasse im WS2011)


Suhyun Jeon

(Gast der Filmklasse im SoSe2019)
Recently, I am exploring conditions of moving image as a medium with the theme of femininity. In Ansan, a city populated with immigrants, I have been recording a specific female immigrant and a ‘cat mom,’ who has been feeding street cats for over 10 years. I realized what I find most fascinating about these subjects is the female jouissance, the power of female to subvert their states through self- destruction or self-objectification.


Chanmin Kim

Film für Gesundheit und Glück, Glänzende Zukunft, Vorhergesagter Erfolg, Feurig Liebe.
(Gast der Filmklasse im WS2021/22 und SS2022)


Yunseo Kim

My work consists in chasing the numerous lies that exist in the relationships between people and object, to which no one can define the answer. I get their original meanings to slide off using multiple medias, so that objects and languages in ambiguous relationships constantly vibrate in the world beyond a dictionary definition and conceptual level.
(Erasmus-Studentin; Gast der Filmklasse im SS2023)


Endalkachew Yicheneku Kitaw

"We all seem to run away from the truth, that is ourselves." (Wise person)
(DAAD-Student, Äthiopien; Gast der Filmklasse im SS2014 und WS2014/15)


Hsiao-Han Lan

It's a game, we shouldn't be so serious.
(Erasmus-Studentin Dijon, Frankreich; Gast der Filmklasse im WS2012/13 und SS2013)


Zeijing Liu

(It's nothing really need to very worried)
(Erasmus-Studentin Chelsea London, UK; Gast der Filmklasse SS2012)


Julia Loste

don't try
(Erasmus-Studentin Dijon, Frankreich; Gast der Filmklasse WS2010/11 bis WS2011/12)


Alicia Medina

The portrait of society that walks speedly, with their eyes closed, and without sense in an endeble and infinite ocean, humanity pushed to jump into the vacuum and disappear. – Allow the fools lead the heart of the world. – Open the way for the imagination to conceive new mithology and mystical beliefs that can return us the soul.
(Gast der Filmklasse WS2009/10 und SS2010)


Maia Torp Neergaard

Moving through images, sounds and through the love of people and moving with people through images, sounds and love.
(Erasmus student Malmö Art Academy, Schweden;
Gast der Filmklasse vom SS2021 bis zum SS2022)


Lidi Niu

Seeing, Hearing, Believing.
(Austauschstudentin Beijing Film Academy, China; Gast der Filmklasse SS2014)


Dimas Arif Nugroho

"Das Trauma ist ein Ereignis, das den Erfahrungs- und Affekthorizont des Subjekts übersteigt" (Sigmund Freud)
(DAAD-Student, Bandung, Indonesien; Gast der Filmklasse im WS2007/08 und SS2008)


Laura Sabel

(Studentin der Kunst- und Medienwissenschaft;
Gast der Filmklasse im WS2011/12 und SS2012)


Arístides Santana

Arístides Santana works around observation of contemporary phenomena that are transforming us, our way of perceiving, relating and our way of life through urban design, architecture, mass media as Intenet and new models of work.
(Gast der Filmklasse WS2009/10 und SS2010)


Piotr Saul

(Gast der Filmklasse SS2009)


Emil Keller Skousen

I ask her for a peppermint, I ask her for one.
(Austauschstudent Norwegen; Gast der Filmklasse SS2012)


Juste Venclovaite

I'm searching, and looking, and trying. I'm OK.
(Gast der Filmklasse WS2009/10)


Mingjing Yu

(Erasmus-Studentin Chelsea London, UK; Gast der Filmklasse SS2016)

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