Das Filmforum der HBK präsentiert im Sommersemester 2019:



Montag | 24.06.19 | 19:00 h
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Klassiker reloaded:  1990er-Jahre - Video Art and Digitality before Y2K

(kuratiert und präsentiert von Caspar Stracke)

Atemberaubend und in der Welt wirklich einmalig war eine Videokunst-Residency am 1990 gegründeten Centre International de Création Vidéo (CICV) Pierre Schaeffer in Hérimoncourt/Frankreich. Hier ermöglichten analog-digitale Bildprozessoren die ersten Bildmanipulationen in Echtzeit. – Das CICV legte großen Wert auf Internationalität und lud u.a. Persönlichkeiten wie Irit Batsry (IL), Zhao Liang (CN), sowie Ken Kobland (US) an diese 'elitäre' Produktionsstätte ein. Zu den Enfants Terribles der CICV Künstlerauswahl gehörten jedoch ein Brite und eine Australierin: David Larcher und Cathy Vogan. Beide verstanden es auf ihre eigene Weise, der unglaublich seriösen Entwicklung dieser neuen digitalen Bildmedien mit Humor, Zynismus und (Selbst-) Kritik einen Impuls zu geben, welcher sich erst 15 Jahre später in der Post-Internet Generation fortsetzte. (CS)




Filmprogramm (79 min):

David Larcher – ICH TANK!
59:04 min | 1983/97 | digifile (4:3 DigiBeta) | col | stereo | OVen | FR/UK/DE

Cathy Vogan – The Synchronizer
19:47 min | 1996 | digifile (4:3 DigiBeta) | col | stereo | OVen | FR

Caspar Stracke (*1967) Caspar Stracke is a filmmaker, visual artist and curator, co-director of video_dumbo (NY 2006-2014) and currently based in Berlin. He studied here, at HBK with Birgit Hein. Caspar’s practice is situated around the politics of architecture and urbanism, media archaeology and cinema. His works have been shown at MoMA. ZKM, ICC Tokyo, etc and festivals worldwide. From 2012-2017 Caspar was professor for Contemporary Art and Moving Image at KUVA Art Academy Helsinki. He is the editor of "Godard - Boomerang" an outcome of the 2014 symposium, and a forthcoming publication at Uniarts Helsinki, 2019.
[ http://www.videokasbah.net ]

David Larcher – ICH TANK!
59:04 min | 1983/97 | digifile (4:3 DigiBeta) | col | stereo | OVen | FR/UK/DE
ich tank was originally produced in 1983, the left alone for a decade, then reworked and completed in 1996/97.
It is a visual poem that proposes concepts and ideas through the possible meanings of the word Ich (I, in German) as well as derivations of its meanings in English.
"When I lived in Berlin in 1983, I had problems pronunciating the Ich (I) pronoun and the idea for this video began as an innocent game of words" says Larcher. "This was the starting point for this video, the mise-en-scène of vaguely ich-tian acts based on a series of puns. In a certain way this work also deals with psychoanalytic procedures and forms. Lacan's ideas permeate the video throughout; his formulations on the Symbolic, the Imaginary and the Real are particularly suited to video language, while its formulas and diagrams establish visual analogies. Originally, the video was created to run the equivalent time of a psychotherapy session (50 minutes), which practically coincides with the 52 minute duration of one-hour programs on television. The creative process, however, eventually became more important than the intended format.” (Videobrasil / David Larcher)

David Larcher (born in London in 1942) is regarded, by virtue of his polemic and poetic work as one of the most prolific, deft creators in the international video arena. Larcher graduated in Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge University in Great Britain. In 1960, however, he began working as a photographer and in 1964, completed his post-graduate studies in Film and Television at the Royal College of Art in London. In 1996 Larcher moved to Cologne, Germany, where he taught at the Academy of Media Arts. (1996-2007). A selection of his work includes: Mare’s Tail (1969), Monkey’s Birthday (1975), EETC (1986), Granny’s Is (1989/90), Videøvoid – The Trailer (1993), Videøvoid – Text (1996), Ich Tank (1983/97).

Cathy Vogan – The Synchronizer
19:47 min | 1996 | digifile (4:3 DigiBeta) | col | stereo | OVen | FR
Azappytechno-style magazine about the relationship between reality and the media - and how they are synchronized. Don't worry, this is no sober cerebral analysis, but a rapid whirlwind of sensual images and clever gags. Entertainment with self-irony. (Transmediale) Winner Videokunstpreis Production award 1997 Winner Grand Prix de Palermo Video leggere 1997

Cathy Vogan is a multi-award winning Irish-Franco-Australian singer, performer, composer, media artist, and writer, living in Sydney, off and on, since the 70’s. She has shown her work throughout the world, including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Brazil, the USA and Australia, and for the last 20 years, maintains a high profile online through her numerous websites and social media outlets. Cathy is the author and film-maker behind the flicker-blog THING2THING.COM, which has attracted over a million subscribers since 2010. Her artist's website VOGANIA.COM covers 30 years of creative production, and spans across 2 domains, in France and Australia. Cathy's vintage French site CHEZ-ALICE, was created in 1996 and developed over about 7 years. It was rated in Google’s Top 40 Arts Alternative with the descriptive "strange web design".
Born in Ireland into a musical family, and raised there until adolescence, Cathy Vogan - aka CaTV - was a professional singer in the theatre and cabaret from the age of 3-11 years, and won two major British talent awards before she was 10, She then gave up the stage ”forever”, at the tender age of 14 and decided to become a gymnast… After a brilliant school, but restless 4-year university education in English, Foreign Languages, Psychology, Mathematics and Philosophy… Ms Vogan joined the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney, under the tutelage of Zika Nester and Hayes Gordon.


[ Abbildung oben: aus dem Film 'ICH TANK!' (1983/97) von David Larcher ]


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