Das Filmforum der HBK präsentiert im Sommersemester 2016:



Montag | 23.05.16 | 19:00 h

Die Zeiten ändern sich
KurzfilmProgramm: Zeit - metaphorisch

In Zeiten wie diesen, in denen (nicht nur an den Spielkonsolen) Realität als Science Fiction wahrgenommen wird und sich die Retrowellen bis in den UKW-Frequenzbereich der Gegenwart gesteigert haben, ist der Wunsch nach Entschleunigung besonders präsent. – Die hier gezeigten Filme sind Bestandsaufnahmen in Gefühlswelten und Orientierungsversuche in einer Realität, die teils bedrohlich wirkt, teils unwirklich erscheint. Ein Unbehagen ist spürbar, aber auch eine Sehnsucht – nicht nach Stillstand, sondern nach Ewigkeit. (Und latent schwingt auch die Hoffnung mit, die Zukunft noch gestalten zu können). (MB)




Filmprogramm (79 min):

Nam Jun Paik – Zen For Film | 8 min | 1962-64 | 16mm || John Smith – Hotel Diaries (Museum Piece) | 12:20 min | 2004 | DVD (MiniDV) || James Carman – 3000 Years of Gravity | 30 min | 1991 | digifile (16mm) || Bill Viola – Anthem | 11:30 min | 1983 | digifile (BetaSP) || Maxi Bade – Jahrtausendwende | 4 min | 1996 | digifile (HI8) || Ori Gersht – Big Bang | 1:59 min | 2006 | internet || Studio Aka – A Morning Stroll | 7:04 min | 2011 | internet || Michel Klöfkorn – Flug 8 / Zeitraffer | 3:52 min | 2014 | digifile (DCP)

John Smith - Hotel Diaries (Museum Piece)
12:20 min | 2004 | DVD (MiniDV) | col | sound (OVen) | UK
Made in Germany, October 14th, 2004
While the Iraq war continues, a day's sightseeing and the features of a German hotel provoke a stream of thoughts about events large and small.
Museum Piece is the second episode in the Hotel Diaries series, a collection of video recordings made in the world's hotel rooms, which relate personal experiences and reflections to contemporary conflicts in the Middle East.
"Using the smallest means to tell a great deal, Museum Piece is both a personal film and also a reflection on social and political issues, combining humour with serious commentary on past and present concerns. It brings to the foreground the difficulties of taking a position, facing the complex realities of our times." -- International Jury Statement, Cork Film Festival, Ireland (2005)

James Carman - 3000 Years of Gravity
30 min | 1991 | digifile (16mm) | bw (+col) | sound (OVen) | US
Alone, a man wanders the four cardinal directions of the earth for 3000 years until his sorrow causes him to break down physically and emotionally. This breakdown enables him to enter into a different realm of freedom. This film is actually the depiction of an occult invocation over millennia. (JC)

Bill Viola – Anthem
11:30 min | 1983 | digifile (BetaSP) | col | sound | OV (nodialog) | US
The piece centers on a single piercing scream and on the extension of this scream by a little girl eleven years old under the engine shed at Union Railroad Station in Los Angeles. This initial cry, which only lasts a few seconds, is prolonged in time and its frequency is profoundly transformed and multiplied by the use of slow motion. This spasm of sound is the invisible container of a stretched-out time and space, a universal breath. Thus, although the picture shows the little girl to be the source of the sound, the shriek extends well beyond the contours established by her body, spreading and flowing like a dark fluid, and mingles with all the sirens in the town, with every shout and with the noises of the rising irrepressibly from below. These are mnesic images, "all centered on the theme of primitive fear of the dark, materialism and the harmful separation of body and mind" (Bill Viola).

Maxi Bade - Jahrtausendwende
4 min | 1996 | digifile (HI8) | bw (+col) | sound (nodialog) | DE
We look at a flock of sheep that stares at us. The view doesn't change. In the lower half of the picture we can recognize a digital clock that shows the count-down. The distance between the sheep and the viewers cannot be bridged over despite the intensive sight-contact. Do both sides stare at each other or do they observe an object that lies between them- maybe the projection spot? Sheep and on-looker (viewers) stare at each other really tense without being able to get into contact. The flock remains automative, chewing, grazing and staring.


[ Abbildung oben: aus dem Film „3000 Years of Gravity“ von James Carman ]


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