Das Filmforum der HBK präsentiert im Wintersemester 2011/12:



Montag | 21.11.2011 | 19:00 h

Zu Gast: Ade Darmawan

Ten Years of Video Art In Indonesia (2000-2010)

In a celebration of the 10th anniversary of ruangrupa, the Division for Video Art Development ruangrupa in particular publish a compilation of the best video art works in Indonesia for the last ten years. The videos in this compilation mostly presented in the four OK. Video Festival arrangement (2003-2009). Ruangrupa consider the 27 video artworks has made a huge contribution to the development of video art in Indonesia, together with their language findings and technical explorations, and also the selection of themes packed so neatly in the audio visual medium. From the reading of the Division for Video Art Development ruangrupa on the works in this compilation, dynamic changing and skills of Indonesian video artists can be seen. From the use of a very simple video camera recording, performance, complicated editing technique, the use of manipulation effect from editing software in computer, animation, game, big-scale installation from a long and exhaustive research, to the use of motion sensory in one of the video installation work. The variety of themes elevated by artists also interesting, including: body and violence, urban, traumatic event, worker, punk subculture, everyday life, football and the history of philosophy, and the history of audio visual medium in the context of social and political development in Indonesia.

OK.VideoFestival focuses on non-narratives video works and opens for reconstructions, recording manipulations and an array of experiments of the audiovisual language. Apart from being an international video festival held every two years, the OK. Video also functions as a distinct institution focusing on video workshops in a range of towns and cities, and conducting the production and distribution of Indonesian video works and creating a database and storage for these works.
[ http://okvideofestival.org ]

Ruangrupa is an artists' initiative founded in the year 2000 by a group of Jakarta based artists. A non-profit organization, which focuses in art and its relation with the social cultural context especially in urban environment, through research, study, and documentation. Along with intensive collaboration and cooperation with artists and people from other discipline through exhibitions, art project, workshop and publishing.
[ http://www.ruangrupa.org ]

Ade Darmawan was born in 1974 in Jakarta, Indonesia, then move to Yogyakarta (central Java) for 5 years to study at Indonesia Art Institute of (I.S.I), in Graphic Art Department. A year after his first solo exhibition in 1997 at the Cemeti Contemporary Art Gallery, Yogyakarta (now Cemeti Art House), he stay in Amsterdam for two years residency at the Rijksakademie Van Beeldende Kunsten. Back from Amsterdam in 2000, with five other artists from Jakarta he founded ruangrupa. He has been participated in art project and exhibition in several cities in Indonesia and more such as; Durban, Bangkok, Mumbai, Mexico City, Antwerp, Istanbul, Sydney. Now he lives and works in Jakarta as an artist, director of ruangrupa, and member of Jakarta Arts Council - since 2006.



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